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Issue 10 October 2010 is now available online

The next issue of the Journal has been put on hold until the next Festival has been finalised.

Back Issues have included the following
ssue 1
Daphne Castell: An early fan who had a momentous interview with J.R.R. Tolkien | A Primary school think-tank for all things J.R.R. Tolkien | The Realms of Tolkien Daphne Castell (Illustrations by James Cawthorn) | A lifetime’s study of J.R.R. Tolkien: An interview with Jane Chance | Fantasy Music: Interview with Martin Romberg | An interview with Jef Murray | Wandering through sound: an interview with Arjan Kiel | Editorial
Issue 2
“Goblin Feet”, a poem by J.R.R. Tolkien, Pieter CollierThe Tolkien Society: a home for 'those who would wander with friends in Middle-earth' (A Forty Year Hobbit) Ian Collier | Middle-earth as Muse, Jef Murray | Tolkien at work: A helping hand on The Silmarillion, Clyde S. Kilby | The Tolkien Professor: How to read Tolkien, Corey Olsen | Hunting Peter Jackson, A review of The Hunt for Gollum, Chad Chisholm| “Here be dragons”: Festival in the Shire interviews John Howe| “Discovering” rather than “inventing”: An interview with Ted Nasmith| The Shippey Interview, Corey Olsen| The artist as storyteller: Interview with Rodney Matthews| | Casting Tolkien’s spell: The Journal interviews Tolkien artist Michael Hague | Editorial

Issue 3
Meeting Professor Tolkien (and Tom Bombadil) Jodi Storer | The Tolkien Professor Leaf By Niggle Corey Olsen | Born of Many Hopes Chad Chisholm | A review of Dimitra Fimi’s Tolkien, Race and Cultural History Charles E. Noad | Interviews: Engaging with other worlds: An interview with Verlyn Flieger | Tolkien: British at heart? An interview with Dimitra Fimi | A filmmaker's journey: Interview with Kate Madison | Imagined history: An interview with Stephen Walsh | Michael Drout Interview Corey Olsen
Issue 4
Tolkien's Balrog, and Peter Jackson's Barry Livingstone | Sarehole Dreams (Tom Bombadil alive and well) Jodi Storer Smith of Wootton Major | Corey Olsen Inkling and Mapping the Inklings of Oxford: a reviewChad Chisholm Interview with Tim Tolkien Sarah-Jane Lynch | From a 'magical' place: Interview with Alex Lewis The Douglas Anderson interview Corey Olsen Celebrating Tolkien and popular media: Interview with Brian Sibley Narrowing the gap between artist and public: An interview with Peter Pracownik and Nicola-Clare Lydon Interview with Ruth Lacon

Verlyn Flieger
ssue 5
Character development in The Hobbit Alex Lewis Queen of Cats | Peter Kenny On Fairy-Stories The Tolkien Professor Corey Olsen Moseley Bog Interview with Simon Tolkien Interview with Colin Duriez Corey Olsen Aberystwyth - An overview of the town nearest the Festival of the Shire Preview event for the Festival in the Shire at Machynlleth
Verlyn Flieger
ssue 6
Tom Bombadil A Romantic Hero For Our Times | Morning Star, Evening Star Peter Kenny | Farmer Giles of Ham | Christchurch Meadows | Interview with Edouard Klotcko | Interview with Sam Roads | Aberystwyth - An overview of the town nearest the Festival of the Shire - Part two, the history | Tolkien On Fairy-stories;Verlyn Flieger and Douglas A. Anderson

Rick Wakeman
Issue 7
Tom Bombadil A Romantic Hero For Our Times | How to introduce romance into a movie version of the Hobbit | The Mysterious "Book of Mazarbul" Reveals More | City of Still-Present Sorrow | Interview Marco Lo Muscio | Interview with Paul Raymond Gregory | Interview with Dimitri Fimi | A review of: The Epic Realm of Tolkien - Volume 1 | Review of the online One Ring online Facebook Game | Rick Wakeman

Rick Wakeman
Issue 8
Tom Bombadil A Romantic Hero For Our Times | Oxonmoot Press Release | Crossword Puzzle | The Tolkien Professor | Interview Sue Wookey | Interview Philip Smith | Interview with Melissa Ruth Arul | The lay of Leithian or the Heroism of the Couple

Issue 9
Tolkien's Places | Essay: Lord of the Rings: Reflections on Violence | People and Places | Crossword Solution | Colin Durez interviews Corey Olsen, the Tolkien Professor | Arda Reconstructed by Douglas Kane; A Review | Chris Bradshaw - The Green Book of Olwen Ellis | Festival in the Shire Review | Festival in the Shire in Pictures


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