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Queen of Cats

Peter Kenny

Of Queen Beruthiel’s cats,
A strange legend is told;
Her cats were cursed by all
In Osgiliath of old. 

Despising her husband
And his love of the sea,
Loveless and solitary,
Her life came to be. 

Shunning all beauty
And elaborate adornments;
Black and silver she chose,
To colour her garments. 

She filled her garden
With sculptures tormented,
And tress and plants
Misshapen and twisted. 

For her own wicked designs,
Dark sorcery she learned;
To the control of animals,
Her interest soon turned. 

Legendary were her cats,
Nine black and one white;
They spied on the realm
During both day and the night. 

The darkest of secrets
The cats did obtain;
And the power she gained,
Brought fear to the Dunedain. 

The outcries of his people
The King no longer ignored;
With force he removed her,
And exiled she was, for ever more. 

Beruthiel, alone with her cats,
Was set adrift on the open sea;
Blown southwards past Umbar,
They sailed out of history. 

What fortunes befell her,
It is nowhere told,
For her name was erased
From the records of old. 
Fortinbras Proudfoot. 

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