Selection of exhibitors appearing at the Festival:

Current performers inlude:

Anne Lister - Songs and storytelling.

Robin LaTrobe is a storyteller and novelist who works in the tradition of the great myths of the West.

Harriet Earis – Celtic harpist

Nasilamb – “Tales from Middle Earth"

Glen McAllister - guitarist

La Diskett - jazz music band

BROCC - With six voices and a range of wonderful instruments from harp, hurdygurdy and bowed psaltery to pipes and percussion

Tor Marrock – “Metal/Folk Band”

Peter Kenny – “Mr Proudfoot” Peter will perform songs inspired by Tolkien and recite his own wonderful poetry as well as storytelling

Colin Rudd – “Music inspired by Tolkien”

Cindy Zudys – “Tales of the Earth” Romany story teller

Jon Evans – “A Bardic Initiation” With the use of spellbinding artworks and poetry to match

Marco Lo Muscio organist, pianist and composer

Harriet and Ian, Duet

Andrea Jane Keirstead - Pianist

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The Festival

In addition to The Conference and The Fan Exposition, Festival in the Shire’s main event is the Festival itself!

This is a large event with a wide variety of stalls and entertainment suitable for all the family. Speculatively Tolkien was inspired by the beauty of the Welsh countryside, so where better to host a festival than the abundant green valley’s in Wales. The Festival in the Shire will take place only 15 miles from Aberystwyth, at Pafiliwn Bont’s centrally located multi-purpose venue.

Entertainment will include J.R.R. Tolkien inspired re-enactments, music and other performance art, alongside Celtic music and a myriad of fantasy related events. It will also offer attendees the opportunity to sample local Welsh food, view a variety of Celtic crafts and meet the various, talented craftspeople.

Interactive Tolkien inspired Live Action Role Play for Festival in the Shire.
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Wyverns Tales LARP Live Action UK - Big Adventure

Festival in the Shire; A celebration of all things Tolkien inspired will contain themes from the books; The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion by the author J.R.R. Tolkien as well as his son Christopher Tolkien. Many new fans are only familiar with The Lord of the Rings movie and eagerly await the new Hobbit movie. We hope to enlighten both new and old fans with the huge variety of J.R.R. Tolkien and Tolkien inspired books, art, paintings, collectibles, memorabilia, games, computer games, toys, statues, movie memorabilia etc. available to collect and enjoy. There are literally thousands of different items.

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