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Behind the ARCHANGEL monicker hides Gabriele Manzini keyboard player and main writer for UBI MAIOR and former keyboard player for THE WATCH from 2000 till 2005.The Akallabêth is his first solo CD and it is really a special one! It is a concept album based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Fall of Númenor, a tale taken from The Silmarillion, the cosmological book of Tolkien's world. The music has been composed during the last couple of years and the lyrics are faithful to the original story. If many Tolkien-inspired recordings have been released by extreme metal bands or, on the contrary, by pastoral and sometimes soporific ensembles, there’s always been few classic rock albums inspired by the creator of The Lord of the Rings.Gabriele Manzini decided to fill the hole. The twelve songs are perfect example of British classic-rock with many progressive-rock and hard-rock influences and some folk inputs. The story tells the last days of the island of Númenor and the ruinous end of the island itself. The story has many characters and so many singers are involved in the project in order to give a greater reliability.The CD features three important guest-stars:Damian Wilson, singer for many bands and artists of the prog-rock and prog-metal scene: Threshold, Ayreon, Rick Wakeman, Landmarq…Zachary Stevens, singer for the sympho-metal heroes Savatage from 1993 till 2000, and now front man of Circle II Circle Ted Leonard, singer for the prog-rock band Enchant from USA with many acclaimed albums.Beside these special guests there are other important singers and musicians from the Italian progressive-rock scene: Francesca “Elayne” Naccarelli (vocals, Dunwich), Walter Gorreri (bass, Ubi Maior), Alessandro Di Caprio (drums, Ubi Maior), Stefano Mancarella (guitars, Ubi Maior), Ettore Salati (guitars, ex-The Watch), Marco Schembri (bass, ex-The Watch), Davide Martinelli (drums, Darksky) and others.The CD is produced by ARCHANGEL himself and mixed by The Watch’s producer Simone Stucchi.

Released in jewel box with outside cardboard


Arjan Kiel works as a (film)composer, specialized in music for symphonic orchestra and choir. Since November 2007 there is a musical collaboration with Jon Anderson, the voice of Yes and Jon & Vangelis. Jon and Arjan are planning a tour with orchestral music in Europe 2010. Arjan also made some compositions for Tolkien website and the British LOTR fan film Born of Hope.

Arjans musical education started in 1975 aged 8, at the music school in his hometown Dokkum, Netherlands, where he studied church organ and electronic organ. The influence of pop music however became stronger over the years and he started performing as a keyboard player in various bands.

In 1989 he went to the conservatory of Groningen, Netherlands, and studied jazz music, keyboards, music technology and piano. Round this time he also started working as an arranger for symphonic orchestra and (big)bands and accompanied, as a keyboard player, amongst others, Tony Hadley, ‘Toots’ Tielemans and Jan Akkerman.

Arjan graduated conservatory in 1997 and became keyboardist and arranger for Sister ‘we are family’ Sledge. Between 1998 and 2002 he toured with the Sister Sledge band across North- and South America, Russia, and Europe.

In 2001 Arjan joined a Dutch band called Luie Hond (PIAS). With this band he performed for seven years at various European festivals and clubs. One of the highlights with this band was a performance in Nairobi, Kenya as supporting act for Burning Spear in 2007.

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Brocc’s music is rooted in the myths and legends of our land. With six voices and a range of wonderful instruments from harp, hurdygurdy and bowed psaltery to pipes and percussion, we weave songs, tunes, narration and costumes into a spellbinding experience. Brocc came into being over the summer of 2008 - a product of gales and rain in the woods and a badger who came to stay and has become our symbol. The songs this group weaves tells tales of myth and legend and the old beliefs of our lands and peoples. We embody the history of this land ... and we want to give something back.


"Fathom" plays what can be described as "Celtic Fantasy Rock".  Many of the songs are inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's works and members of the band are also currently working on a new project entirely focused on the works of Tolkien.  You can see the production process of the Lonely Mountain Band being recorded here:

As well as "The Fall of Gil-Galad" here:

Fathom has fans worldwide, including Britain, and the band can be followed on: amongst others.


J. Vahvanen and M. Kokkola founded Battlelore in 1999. Their first promo CD “Warrior’s Tale” was released that same year. “Warrior’s Tale” was praised and liked, but the band caught the attention of Napalm Records after the release of their second demo “Dark Fantasy” in 2000. “Dark Fantasy” also introduced the at the time new Battlelore members; Kaisa Jouhki as the new female vocalist, Henri Vahvanen as the drummer and Maria as the keyboard player. At the request of the label, Battlelore recorded an untitled three-track promo CD and soon thereafter the deal was finalized.


Harriet Earis is a full time Celtic harpist based in Aberystwyth. She has performed solo in the Albert Hall and in the 02 Arena in London as part of "Young Voices" 2007 and has a busy touring schedule with regular tours of the USA (to over 25 states), Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Ireland and Canada. As a soloist, she was a winner of the Open Stage award at Celtic Connections Festival 2007 in Glasgow, chosen from over 80 acts competing for the title. With The Harriet Earis Trio (harp, bass and drums) she represented Wales in the Festival Interceltique in Lorient, France in 2008 and she has two solo albums, an album of Celtic music called "Jumping Ahead" and "From the Crooked Tree" which mixes Celtic music with jazz backing. She also has Grade 8 in classical harp and was one of a handful of young musicians in Wales to gain a place on the prestigious Live Music Now scheme which led to 100s of performances in community venues and festivals across the UK. She has a degree in medieval Celtic Studies from Trinity College, Cambridge and speaks most of the Celtic languages, but has yet to learn Elvish.


La Diskette began in October 2006. It’s two-founders / singers / instrumentalists Freekso (a.k.a Michel Prz. Morales) and Ticoc (a.k.a Laurent Alibert) have known each other for over a decade and have been playing for years in different bands. With music based on French texts; some sung, others spoken. La Disketts music is a blend of funk and jazz.  

Colin Jeffery

Colin was inspired after reading Tolkiens masterpiece to try and capture moods of the epic tale in music. Characters, events and emotions he visualized when reading the novel have been transcribed into mystical sound-scape's. Along with friends and fellow musicians Colin has composed songs and incidental music based on Celtic themes which have influenced his own Tolkien music.


Andrea Keirstead teaches gifted children and those who are learning English as a foreign language in her hometown of Farmington, Maine (USA). She also works as a liturgical musician, plays for musical theatre productions, and accompanies people giving recitals and concerts.

Andrea started taking piano lessons at the age of four. She participated in chamber music while a student at Harvard University, from which she received a degree in social anthropology. She also sang with Musicians and Others for Animals at the first March for the Animals in Washington, D.C., and was pianist for the Maine Dance Institute, which was founded by ballet dancer and choreographer Jacques d’Amboise.

She distinctly remembers the first time she heard Tolkien’s work, when a schoolmate read the Bilbo/Gollum riddle scene aloud in class. Andrea became a fantasy reader from that day forward, and has never looked back.


Marco Lo Muscio (1971) is one of the most versatile musicians of his generation: organist, pianist and composer. After three university degrees (“Cum Laude”), Marco begins his international musical career. He has held more than 700 concerts during the most famous Organ and Piano Festivals and played in important Cathedrals and Concert Halls such as Cambridge’s “Kings College Chapel”, Oxford’s “Exeter and Queens College Chapels”, London’s Westminser Cathedral, St. Petersburg’s “Great Philharmonic Concert Hall Shostakovic”, Moscow’s Cathedral, “House of the Music”, Gnessin Academy and Baptist Church; Prague’s St. Nicholas, Leipzig's Nicholas Church; in all the Scandinavian countries, in France, in Poland, in Vatican City, in the Baltic countries, in Germany and more...His latter works, dedicated to Progressive Music, have gained excellent reviews in specialized international magazines in USA, UK, Finland (Colossus), Brazil,Italy...He is very active as a composer too, and his compositions for organ and piano are published by Erreffe Musica. In August 2009 his music was performed in London’s “Annual Festival of New Organ Music”. Marco's work has captured the attention of great musicians like Keith Emerson, Steve Hackett and John Hackett and in fact the last CD dedicated to Tolkien (one year of work) "The Book of Bilbo and Gandalf" is born with the cooperation of Pär Lindh, Oksana Sinkova, John and Steve Hackett!


Tarren - vocals,guitar. Talas - drums. Tavarr - bass

We TOR MARROCK began in late 2005 and are a Dark, Metal 3 piece band from the mountains of West Wales.

In 2006 we recorded and printed (100 copies) of a demo titled ‘Death Of Summer’ followed by a promo (1000 copies)in late 2007 titled ‘A Gothic Romance’.

In 2008 we played some low key gigs.

At the start of 2010 we made our official debut album ‘HEAVENS DEATH LIGHT KINDLE’ (250 copies printed for promo use only) 2009 also saw the band playing some selected gigs with My Silent Wake,Hanzel und Gretyl,Fen and Altar Of  Plauges.

We pledge to continue to make Dark, Concept, Metal.


Tel UK (0)1654 791320


Martin Romberg was born in Oslo in 1978. He studied composition with Michael Jarrell and film music with Klaus Peter Sattler at the University of Music in Vienna, Austria. His works have been performed by The Tiroler Ensemble für neue Musik, Nouvelle Cuisine, Pro Brass, Pro Arte Orchestra, The Astana Symphony Orchestra, The Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, The Deutsche Filmorchester Babelsberg, Orchestre National de Montpellier and Akademische Orchestervereinigung Göttingen, among others. In 2007 he won the composer competition De Unges Konsert as well as one of two prizes from The Paul Woitschach Foundation for Symphonic Entertainment Music. After extensive travels in India and the Far East, he now lives and works as a full time composer in Paris, France. He is interested mainly in the field of fantasy art, basing his latest works on folk legends and fantasy literature. Romberg was in 2008 granted full scholarship from the state fund for popular composers.

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Mention the name Rick Wakeman for 50 different people and ask them what he does, and you are likely to get 50 different answers! Thanks to 50,000,000 record sales around the world, which have included more than 150 record releases, 50+ DVDs, soundtracks for more than 25 films, his own award winning radio show on Planet Rock on a Saturday morning, numerous high profile television appearances including those of Countdown, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Top Gear, masterchef, Through the Keyhole, Have I Got News For You and of course Grumpy Old Men, (of which he was the only celebrity to appear in every single programme) , and more than 4,000 world-wide concert performances of one sort or another, Rick has endeared himself to all genres and all ages, a rare accomplishment in this day an age!

He is equally at home on a stage with his band The English Rock Ensemble as he is with a symphony orchestra and chamber choir and is equally at home in a 400 seater theatre as he is playing Madison Square Garden.

The one-man show “An Evening With Rick Wakeman” pretty much came about by accident. Quite simply, his gear didn’t arrive for a show and all there was available was a piano. The audience were given the choice of their money back or an evening with Rick performing on the piano and telling ludicrously ridiculous and funny anecdotes. Only three people took up the offer of their money back, and “An Evening With Rick Wakeman” was born.

These performances are very much  “on-offs” and never done as a tour. The stories change on a regular basis, as does the music. If this show were in a cookery book, the instructions would simply read…..

1…..Take a large concert grand piano and seat Rick Wakeman in front of the keys.

2…..After the first piece, sprinkle in  a ludicrous and funny anecdote.

3…...Repeat  1 & 2 for approximately 2 hours.

These performances don’t happen very often, which is why each one is very special to Rick and hopefully for the audience as well.

Visit Ricks website:

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