New and Used Tolkien Books

We are pleased to announce we are now an authorised dealer for brand- new HarperCollins UK Edition books. Strictly speaking, UK editions are still the true first editions as with older printings and editions.  HarperCollins US and other countries print their own editions which may have slightly different covers, binding styles and variations in text like spelling. HarperCollins is still the literary agent for Professor Tolkien’s estate.

We sell all current UK releases, paperback, hardback and special deluxe editions just for collectors.  These deluxe and special copies have smaller print runs than regular hardback copies, making them more scarce.  They are sold packaged as you would receive them from HarperCollins. As collectors items, we recommend you leave them in the original shrink wrap and box.  Why not buy a special UK deluxe edition today with a reading copy paperback.  Please visit our website if you have any questions about our company. 

These new books can be found in our Ebay Shop:

These new books can be found in our Ebay Shop at 16% higher list price to cover their commission and tax fees. However, if ordered direct from us by email or phone, you will not pay this commission. We can send you a list with photos for all our new book stock, please ask.  For payment we take bank transfer and major credit cards. Sorry, we no longer accept Pay Pal. As an authorised dealer our net prices are the exactly same as Harper Collins list price.

New and used book shipping costs are at a different rate. Shipping is flat rate £5 per book 2nd class UK, £3 each additional book.   £15 for the first book internationally, plus £10 per book thereafter.  Note, the heavy deluxe editions may incur extra shipping charges. Order some reading copies, buy some gifts or buy the upcoming special or limited editions to add to your collection.

Our used, out-of-print Tolkien books are complete, very good or better condition. Some are already collectable as demand for Tolkien books is greater than ever. Learn more in our free Tolkien Collectors Newsletter. Our rare books are already valuable and in investment condition, used, but finer than the average. Condition is everything to the value. The same older title in poor condition and without dust jackets can be worthless.