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We specialize in J.R.R.Tolkien rare books as well as fantasy art used in books. We also deal in evolutionary natural history and select classic children’s books. We have been book collecting ourselves for over 30 years, but started dealing professionally in 2001. We started as Mark Faith Books (our founders name) and later became Festival Art and Books following a J.R.R. Tolkien festival we began in 2010,  Festival in the Shire: A Celebration of All Things Tolkien Inspired! We used the word Festival with the meaning “celebration”, not just as an event.

We believe you have to work harder to build trust as an on-line book dealer and after 20 years in business are now the leaders in our specialist genres. We are one of the largest dedicated specialist Tolkien dealers. Search on-line to learn about our founder and company. If you don’t see something specific you are looking for in our inventory, please ask. We post only short descriptions and limited photographs as most customers want additional photos! Please contact us to arrange to see our books in person. We are always buying Tolkien books or can offer a consignment selling service, please ask on the form below. By the way, we use a dragon logo partly because we deal in the fantasy genre, but also because we are located in North Wales. In case you are wondering, our Ebay name dogfark was the founder’s nickname. Its not meant to be rude, though memorable. A childhood friend had  a cleft pallet and when he tried to pronounced the founder’s name “Mark” it was more like sound. Somebody joked it sounded like “dogfark” and the nickname unfortunately stuck.

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